Australian Astro Imaging Conference

also for a great Canadian astronomy site check these guys out Canadian astronomer some awesome imaging tools for the beginner or advanced astrophotographer you can also pick up  imaging equipment and more…..
Professional astronomers develop very powerful tools that eventually trickle down to the amateur community. They start out as custom hardware and software, but at some point they become commercially available. The stuff that is available off-the-shelf includes advanced cameras, new mount technology, software processing tools, research opportunities, and more. As always, I will give you plenty of specifics, including how and why this stuff is better, where to get it, and how to use it effectively. Covered in the talk: ultra-low-noise cameras, EMCCD cameras, advanced tip/tilt, seeing control (yes, you can!), true adaptive optics (early days, but…every interesting stuff), guiding and tracking technology, and more.